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About Genome Atlantic

What does Genome Atlantic Do?

Genome Atlantic is in the gene discovery business. We help develop, invest in and manage large scale gene discovery projects throughout Atlantic Canada.

But not just any ‘gene’ research; we focus on areas that can have solid social and/or economic impact. So, through the efforts of our project teams, we’re looking for:

• Genes that will help us find better ways to diagnose and treat illnesses, so we can reduce our health care burden and make our citizens healthier.

• Genes that identify healthy fish so our aquaculture producers can raise competitive, sustainable and delicious products.

• Genes in organisms that can produce ‘green’ fuel so we can lessen our demand  on traditional fuels

These are just some examples of the kinds of things we’re interested in. Based on our discussions with industry, government and academic stakeholders, we know that there are many more ways that genomics (i.e. gene research) can help our region – and the world – solve some of its biggest problems. We’re always eager to discuss new opportunities.

How We Do It

Genome Atlantic is essentially a catalyst. We try to find ways to use the power of gene discovery to address priority opportunities and challenges in our region.

Generally, this means we:

• Talk to industry, government and academia to determine the ‘hot button’ issues

• Recruit research teams to work on genomics research projects

• Help research teams raise funds for the required research and development

A major funder for almost all of our projects is Industry Canada through Genome Canada. Through research competitions, Genome Canada provides up to 50% of project funding and they have enabled nearly $2 billion in research across the country since 2000. Without them, much of what the Atlantic region has accomplished in the area of genomics simply wouldn’t have happened.

We also pursue projects outside of Genome Canada funding competitions, by working with local governments and other funding organizations to make sure that important regional research receives the financial investment it needs. Provincial governments, funding bodies like the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and others have been extremely important in making sure these projects happen.

To date, with our partners, we've helped generate over $70 million in large-scale gene research in the Atlantic region, and we continue to look for ways to build on this foundation with targeted, strategic research.

For more information, please contact us.

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