How is genomics changing the world? Watch the video to find out.


Genes at Work (part 2)

Genomics has the potential to improve nearly every area of life. On Dec. 6, 2012, Genome Atlantic showcased some genomics-enabled innovations that are happening here in our own backyard. Watch the entire event, including Q&A, here

Michael Dennis, PhD, from Performance Genomics Inc explained how genomics is powering the new tool being developed to help cattle producers select cows that will produce the most offspring. With a potential $2.4B market in the dairy cattle industry alone, there's no wonder why a major international animal health company has recently partnered with PGI to take it through the next level of testing. Watch his presentation here

Brian Blanchard of Scotian Halibut told an equally compelling tale. Through genomics research, their company was able to identify the halibut genes related to better growth rates. Selecting fish with those genes has helped them get their product to market size 20% faster - a major accomplishment with huge cost savings. Watch his presentation

And finally, Andy Stone, project manager of a new lung cancer diagnostic tool described the long and complex process of moving genomics research to clinical application. The newdiagnostic means more appropriate treatment options based on the specific type of lung cancer involved. Watch Andy's presentation

If you want to know more about these examples of genomics in action, or how genomics might apply to one of your business challenges, please contact us.

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